Marek Hollands

I have been seeing Niamh for the past 6 months on a regular basis. The discoveries I have made during this time have been life changing and left me enjoying the wonderful possibilities that we as people have . All through most of my life my body has been something I have been in conflict with and felt was limited. When I was young I was told I had Scoliosis ( a slight curvature in the spine). The idea I wasn’t straight had a negative impact on me- such as walking and sitting, I was always wondering if I was walking weirdly with rather than just walking and not really thinking. This has an impact on my confidence in social situations. The amount of mental energy this took was exhausting.

The work with Niamh isn’t just physical, it has spiritual and mindful nature to it. During my first sessions Niamh mimicked back to me what people saw from me when I entered- my body would apologise on my behalf for being in the room- even though I had no reason to apologise. This straight honest insight was a revelation and began my journey to being back in my body.

We have worked on every are of my body- shoulders, spine, pelvis, feet, legs. I have a clear understanding of how each parts moves and works in relation to each other - without the need to muscular force, mental tension. My body now feels lighter and moves in a flow rather than a staccato motion. My emotions now flow through my body and the limits I placed on my body were mostly areas of fear and anxiety that I stored in my body.

After one of my sessions with Niamh, I was due at work in 40 minutes i felt so at ease in my body and didn’t want to lose or revert slightly back to habit- that I ended up walking the 4 miles to work and every step on that walk a discovery and delight. It was the first time I felt in my body and felt at ease in the world and felt proud of my body and wanted to show it off and get use to it.

I thought changes would be hard work and take long time to achieve. All my body needed was encouragement and patience and the changes in my body have been vast and quick. I feel like a flower that has been given water and sun and nature has taken its course.

Niamh has a plan for the session but uses her intuition and works with what is in front of her and the results speak for themselves. I don’t think the words in this piece come close to saying how thankful I am to Niamh for helping me on this journey. I would describe as ‘ The Human Whisperer