Niamh's understanding of movement is embodied and visceral yet playful and light. It doesn't apply only to the body: her intuition extends to deeper, broader, more subtle movements, like where the class is on the verge of going next. Niamh has an innate talent to flow with movement in the most surprising and creative way. And as she often says with disarming simplicity: everything is movement.

Simon Blackhall, ANIMA Life Coaching Founder

I worked with Niamh for the character 'Eli', a male to female transgender in the short film 'Who I Am'. Previous to this piece of work I had usually tried to find the core of the character and work out from there but this time I knew the physicality of this person was an integral part of telling the story. I wanted to be able to show that despite the physical body of a man that Eli was a woman. Niamh's incredible capacity for diagnosing, understanding and reshaping my body gave me a way to set myself physically in the mould of 'Eli'. However, what surprised me was how much that physical setting opened up my connection to the core of Eli. Changing the outside had a profound effect on the inside. Walking and moving in this new way changed the way I related to myself and the world around me. What's even more incredible about this was how little time we had to work, only three sessions. Niamh was so quickly able to understand my rhythm and help me alter it to understand the rhythm of the character. The film has already been accepted to a dozen international film festivals and won numerous awards including a Best Actor Award for my work. Without a doubt I couldn't have done half as good a job without Niamh's help and I consider her work a huge part of any recognition either I or the film gets.

Paul O'Dea, Actor

As a movement director Niamh has a sensitivity and fine touch that I have not experienced before or since. She allows the performer to find their essence through mining strengths and wiping away extraneous habits. She is also highly skilled at assisting a performer to embody different characters through subtle but clear shifts in physicality, thus clarifying story and adding depth to a performance.

The work itself is exhilarating, liberating and rigorous. I would highly recommend her to anyone creating performance that has an emphasis on physical storytelling or characterisation. I would equally recommend her to those who simply desire to find a sense of grounding and contact with the physical self in any walk of life.

Imogen Butler Cole, Director The WHATWORKS

An actress friend recommended Niamh to me, because I wanted more of a connection with my physical body - rather than with my head and thoughts. After three months of weekly sessions, I can honestly say that I feel very different. It’s much easier to engage with (and enjoy) life in the moment, instead of overthinking everything. Very liberating - and a lot of fun!

Hattie Edmonds, Writer.

Niamh really feels and understands movement. As a musician I have found her work to be both constructive and liberating for body and mind. It has enriched me as a musician and person.

Leslie Boulin, Violinist at Quatuor Zaide

The discoveries I have made during my sessions with Niamh have been life changing. All through my life, my body has been something I have been in conflict with and felt limited by. When I was young I was told I had Scoliosis ( a slight curvature in the spine). The idea I wasn’t straight had a negative impact on me, I was always wondering if I was walking weirdly rather than just walking and not really thinking. This had an impact on my confidence in social situations. The amount of mental energy this took was exhausting.

The work with Niamh isn’t just physical, it has spiritual and mindful nature to it too. 
We have worked on every are of my body and I have a clear understanding of how each parts moves and works in relation to each other, without the need for muscular force or mental tension. My body now feels lighter and moves in a flow rather than a staccato motion. My emotions now flow through my body and  I realise that the limits I placed on my body were mostly areas of fear and anxiety that I stored in my body.

After one of my sessions with Niamh, I was due at work in 40 minutes, I felt so at ease that I ended up walking the 4 miles to work and every step on that walk was a discovery and delight. It was the first time, I felt in my body and felt at ease in the world and felt proud of my body and wanted to show it off and get use to it.

Marek Hollands, Actor

I had 2 surgeons tell me I need back surgery to fix my herniated disk in my lower back. I had seen chiropractors, osteopaths, 5 different physiotherapists, pain healers and more with no success. I had been suffering chronic pain for over a year and finally found 2 people that helped me fix my back. Obe was a great physio who gave me the right exercises and the other was Niamh who basically taught me how to walk properly again. She showed me how a lifetime of bad walking habits was causing my pain and gave me a really simple and clear understanding of what a healthy structure looks like and taught me how to hold myself properly and walk properly. The physiotherapist’s exercises helped me but Niamh gave me the understanding necessary to have a healthy structure for the rest of my life.

Ben McComb, Entrepreneur

I realised a little later than (perhaps) most actors that movement is of the essence when performing. I couldn't have wished for a better teacher to teach me the basics and essentials than Niamh. She is extremely knowledgeable, skilled and professional. 

Niamh Taught me how to break my own patterns, urged me to ask myself vital questions and encouraged me to find my own method. It's one thing to understand your profession to a T but another to communicate your knowledge and skills- Niamh does both in an infallible way. 

Through her one to one movement sessions, I learned so much about myself as an actor but also as a person, and that in turn has made me a more creative and empowered performer.

Sairah Erens, Actor