Movement for Performance

I teach movement to performers at all stages of their career. 
My background and training in movement for performers is extensive. Initially training as an actor, I quickly found my passion for all things movement and trained in Lecoq Technique, as well as obtaining an MA in Movement Training for Actors at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. My teaching is deeply influenced by both of those training and draws from the work of Trish Arnold, Jacques Lecoq, Feldekrais and Yoga.  

I work as a professor of Movement at  PACE at Guildhall School of Music and Drama as well as a guest lecturer at drama schools and conservatoires internationally. Past teaching has included working for Lir- Ireland's National Academy of Performing Arts, Mountview, ALRA, The Royal Academy of Music, The Royal Ballet Denmark, Central School of Speech and Drama, The London Method Class. 

I also apply my skill set to the world of movement directing. Supporting the directors vision through movement. 


Movement Coaching and Bodywork 

My  passion for movement and interest in the body has led me to adapt my work with performers to working with people outside of the performing arts. In this work, I combine movement teachings used for actors with hands on body work and coaching. 

Working with the body in this way, is transformative and often leads to changes in other areas of a clients life. Simply put, when we change the way we move, we can change the way we live. My approach to this work is pragmatic yet play and the results are often surprisingly quick.

My clients report, that working with the body has allowed them to let go of patterns of movement and behaviour that no longer serve them, instead finding an easier less stressful way forward.

Engaging more deeply with the body can have some magical side effects. Some of my clients have reported to finding greater success in their career, healing long standing back injuries or suddenly giving up smoking!

However above all understanding their bodies in a new way and finding greater ease in movement enables them to have more awareness, joy and presence in their daily lives.